Comparison between natural quartz and artificial quartz


Natural stone has always been popular. However, natural stone is scarce, so artificial stone comes into being. Compared with natural stone, artificial stone has its own advantages. The appearance of artificial stone is more beautiful, the choice of colors and patterns is diverse. And its surface  not easy to dye, and relatively resistant to dirt. Therefore, it has become a good substitute for natural stone. Now let's look at the difference between the two.

1.Different thickness
The thickness of natural stone is generally thicker than that of artificial stone, most of which are about 15cm, while the thickness of artificial stone is slightly lower, which can reach 12cm.

2.Different composition
Quartz is the main component of transparent quartz. Artificial stone is an opaque particle because it is manufactured industrially.

3.Different weight
Because the main components of natural stone and artificial stone are different, the weight of natural stone and artificial stone is different. Natural stone is relatively heavier and artificial stone is lighter.

4.Different hardness
The hardness of natural stone is slightly higher, while that of artificial stone is relatively lower, but generally speaking, the difference is not great.

5.Different price
Due to the scarcity of natural stone materials and complex processing, the price is relatively high. The material of artificial stone is relatively easy to obtain, and the processing procedure is relatively less complicated, so the price is not very high and has advantages.

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