VIDASTONE’s new quartz kitchen top-M189


R&D and innovation are important factors to maintain the vitality and enhance the competitiveness of the company. As a company producing quartz stone, it is one of our missions to continuously launch new products. Therefore, Our company recently launched a new quartz product - M189. The color of this product is white, with unique patterns and high quality. Let's have a look!

1.Beautiful color
M189 has beautiful colors. Pure white quartz countertop is matched with quiet texture to create an elegant and comfortable living environment, which is suitable for countertops and walls.

2.Unique texture
M189 has a unique texture, giving people a comfortable and quiet feeling. With beautiful pure white, it can create an elegant and comfortable living environment when used for the decoration of countertops and walls.

3.Excellent quality
The quality of M189 is good. This quartz stone product is strong, smooth, and not easy to dirty. It has beautiful appearance and practicality, so it is suitable for table and wall.

Vidastone Ltd.,Co are specializing in providing artificial stone.

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