VIDASTONE’s new quartz kitchen top-M190


With the improvement of living standards, people have increasingly deepened the concept of green life. In the construction of stone, with green nature of artificial quartz stone is more and more people love. Next, let's take a look at the advantages of quartz stone:

1. Compression Resistance & Safety

Quartz stone compared to natural hard wear, scratch resistance, even if the serious impact of wear and tear do not have to be afraid. Because the internal distribution of quartz stone uniform, after a simple treatment can also achieve the original effect. This represents a high value-added quartz stone products, greatly reducing the late maintenance costs.

Some stones on the market have the problem of radioactive excess; Our quartz stone is certified by strict purification of quartz sand made of high-quality quartz stone, its radioactivity in line with the requirements of class A decorative materials.

2. High temperature & corrosion resistance

High-quality quartz stone relative to other man-made stone "burn not hurt" advantage, so that it occupies a huge advantage in the selection of kitchen decoration. The main chemical composition of high quality quartz stone is SiO2, and its stability is good.

3. Antibacterial property

High-quality quartz stone compared to other artificial stone and "antibacterial." Its surface and internal density is good, no pores gap, coupled with built-in antibiotics, it is safe and sanitary, use it to do table can directly contact with food.

Our company launched a new quartz product - M190, is a very natural, unique lines, dirty quartz kitchen top, very high-end atmosphere grade, worthy of your favor!

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